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Exciting new addition to the garden AND blackcap and siskin visitors…..

I have been delighted to have some new visitors to my feeders over the last few weeks and, if you watch my live cameras, I expect you will have seen them! A male blackcap appeared a few weeks ago and took my Hub feeders as his own, scaring off just about everything that dared to visit them! He was very aggressive and it was only the woodpecker and nuthatch that stood up to him!

Luckily, he has relaxed a little over the last week or so and allowed the other species to feed as well. Select to watch these in HD

He is a very handsome and dapper chap… they always look so smart; the suited businessmen of the bird world!

I have a new and VERY exciting addition to my garden… one I have been dreaming of owning for a long time! I am now the very excited owner of an Axis PTZ camera. PTZ stands for ‘Pan, Tilt, Zoom’ and it opens up a whole new plethora of opportunities for filming the wildlife in my garden! I have been using them at Yew View and they are fantastic and this one is proving to be great fun!


For the moment, I have mounted it on my hub, but the plan is that it will be mounted on a scaffold pole so that it can be raised above the hub and see over the field and to my nest boxes. I have been filming the feeders with it mostly at the moment and I can set up different stations throughout the garden and set these points in the memory on the camera. One click and the camera goes straight to them! Fantastic!

These clips are filmed using this camera. I need to practise my move and zoom technique and I will be purchasing a joystick in the future as using the mouse is a little hard.

I am sure you can imagine what  fantastic opportunities this kit offers in my garden.

The appearance of a stunning male bullfinch and some siskin in the last week has given me a chance to play around with the zooming and it’s looking good! There are loads of settings that I need to get to grip with and this camera will, eventually be live streaming as well!


I then tried zooming right in….

It is going to be a fantastic bit of kit to have at my fingertips and you will be seeing lots of filming with it on all sorts of projects in the coming months!

I’ll leave you with blackcap and siskin on the feeders! Keep and eye out on my live cameras and you should see them!



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