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Exciting Fox News!

My fox visited again tonight, but as I was watching it, I was thinking that it did not look quite the same as the one that visited last night. I played back last night’s footage and was trying to compare them. Tonight’s did not see as big and the brush did not look as bushy. As I was about to choose some pictures to upload, I suddenly saw two foxes in the camera! Yes, I have a dog and a vixen and the one eating tonight had been a vixen!

The vixens will have cubs at the moment and the dog usually takes food back to her. I was really excited to see that this vixen is nursing…. I tried to select some images, where you can see this. The fact that she has come to eat here probably means her den is pretty close. There  is a hedge line that runs along the left hand side of this field. There are lots of rabbit burrows and all sorts of holes, but I am pretty sure one of these is a fox earth. Such good news though…. maybe she will bring her cubs one night when they are older!


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