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Early Evening Footage from Badger Bank

I have finally manged to process all the footage from last weekend’s successful set up at Badger Bank. Tonight, I went through some of the other footage from the Bushnell HD trail cam. You may have already seen the daylight footage… well, the badgers then started to emerge at about 6.45pm. There was still a little light, so the video quality is pretty good. I uploaded this onto YouTube, using the HD option.

Within about 15 minutes, the light had faded and the cam switches to IR. At this point, the video quality becomes a little more grainy.

I am pleased with the quality of this trail cam. I do have the IR LEDs filtered with a translucent piece of plastic. The IR is very powerful on this model and I had the cam quite close to the sett.

The clips from this weekend are the best I have obtained so far.


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