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Double Page Spread in a French Bushcraft Magazine!

Several months ago, I received an email from Florian, the Editor of a French magazine called Bushcraft Attitude. Florian asked me if I minded if he did an article in his magazine about what I did? He was happy to write it and use the information on my website. I agreed and this week, I received the magazine through the post!

I have a double-page spread in the magazine but, being in French, I was struggling to understand what it actually said! Appealing on Twitter, I had a kind offer of a translation from Liza McAvoy @curlyloops!

… and the translation…

Those of you who speak English will have understood the headline immediately.  Under her pseudonym hides someone truly passionate about wildlife – Kate.  She has been a teacher specialising in environmental education for nearly 20 years, and in 2001 she created her own consultancy business, which includes writing educational material.

Her work notably includes organisations such as the butterfly park or the Natural History Museum in London, where she wrote their education guides for visiting school children.  She is also a consultant for Simon King’s Wildlife Whisperer website.

She also exhibits at a number of different shows throughout the UK.

She is very inspired by the wildlife that surrounds her.  She focuses on the wildlife in her garden and has begun to build nest boxes with mini infrared cameras.  She puts them all around her garden in certain locations and streams the live images on her website.

At the same time, she writes a blog including other images, mainly those that have been taken by camera traps.  She has also collaborated with Bushnell to create a twin lens camera trap that takes enlarged images.

Click on to her website at whatever time of the day and you could see the 20-odd species of birds and other mammals that come into her garden each day.

If you are lucky, you may even see a fox chasing a field mouse, a badger digging its latrine or the squirrel scaring off the birds just to monopolise the sunflower seeds for himself!

Thank you Florian and Bushcraft Attitude!


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