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Day 1 of Big Garden Birdwatch 2014

I decided to spend this morning doing a spot of photographing from my hub of the visitors to the feeders there. The light was pretty good as there was a lot of light cloud, giving a nice even coverage. Occasionally, the sun emerged, but it is quite weak at this time of year, so just gave a little highlight to some of the shots.

I have a large, panoramic window in the hub, that is a high quality 4mm glass. I always clean it really well and then photograph through it with a Canon 7D and a 100-400mm lens. The birds cannot see me, as it is dark in the hub and light outside. I am only a few metres away from these birds and it is wonderful!

photo set up

The feeders were all full and it was not long before the birds began to appear.

Most of the normal visitors were there, but I was delighted that 2 male Blackcaps appeared, one of which was very bold and quite a poser. He gave me lots of opportunities to get some great shots! Yesterday I had seen a male bullfinch on the feeders. Sadly, he did not appear again, but the female came and I was pleased with the shots I got. Finally, after a long wait, the male Great spotted woodpecker appeared to feast on the fat bar.

I have uploaded all my shots into a Flickr set , but here is a flavour of some of today’s shots.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 19.58.11


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