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Cupboard Mouse

Earlier this week, when I went to get something out of my kitchen food cupboard, I found the edge of the lid had been nibbled…. and on closer examination, so had other lids and labels. About this time last year, I had a mouse appear in this cupboard and it looked as if the culprit had returned! Last night, I hastily set the Bushnell up in front of the cupboard. The IR was a bit strong as the unit was close to the cupboard, but still good enough to prove who my visitor was….

Today, the cupboard needed to be emptied, cleaned and the gap at the bottom blocked so no more mice could make their way in. To earn some pocket money, my son had been given a list of jobs and emptying this cupboard was one on the list! Whilst emptying a plastic container with crisps in, he saw a movement and then a tail! He quickly put the container on the table and placed a plastic pot on top to trap the mouse! I carefully removed all the packets, one at a time, to see if I could locate the offender….. at last, I only had one box left and the trail of tea leaves suggested their had been some activity in the box of Yorkshire Teabags!

I had found my mouse! Shredding the tea bags had created a very nice little cosy nest!. I managed to take a few pics before I released this little wood mouse (who was rather fat!) back into the garden… not such rich picking out there.

I can’t believe one mouse could cause so much mess! He had taken a liking, in particular, to the baked beans (had extracted them from the hole he nibbled and eaten then on the side, leaving the thin skin!) baking powder pot, chocolate spread pot, loved the penguin biscuits, demolishing those…..

Hopefully, the batten screwed in the bottom of the cupboard will stop this little guy returning… I’m just amazed that my two cats (who sleep in the kitchen!) did not catch this mouse….


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