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Cubs visit up to 1am

After yesterday’s excitement, I left the camera running in the field all night, to monitor visitors. It was pretty busy up until 1am, with both cubs coming back regularly up until about midnight, interspersed with the hedgehog and a number of mice! Was able to screen capture images of the different cubs… I didn’t actually see them there together but they are quite different… like their parents: One is slightly larger and has black markings on its front legs…. just like Flynn. The other is smaller, with no black markings….. just like Fern! I think I may have a male and female, so need to think of some names for these new members.

Here are two shots, showing the differences:

You can see the black markings on the legs of what I think is the male (below), compared to the even coloured legs of the slightly smaller cub (on the left) , which I am guessing is a female.

This one’s practising for when I have my camera set up out there!


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