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Corner Planter to Bird Feeding station

Whilst at Gardeners’ World Live, I had adapted a Forest Garden corner planter to make a bird feeding station suitable for a small patio-type garden.  I was so pleased with the final effect, that I wanted to replicate it in my garden. I have a patio area next to my conservatory and love watching the birds from here. The set-up from GWL is going top be donated, hopefully to my local hospice. I am planning on nipping down there later this week to see if they would be interested.

I decided to use the planter that Phil Clark had made me. Not only did Phil make the amazing  hub for my stand, but he also very cleverly made the three planters and a lovely corner planter, that I had the TV on, on my stand. I adapted this slightly to accomodate the things I wanted in my garden.

The bird table was one I have had a while, which I painted up before the show. This sat nicely on the top section.I took the top from a squirrel cage (that I had bought a while ago in a bargain bin!) and I drilled two small holes into the platform to allow the two small pins on the cage to sink down into. This means the cage is help in place. The holes are small enough for the tits, robin, dunnock etc to get through, but not the larger, greedier birds. The robin has already been in for a snack. I think the wood mice may appear in there too!

I remounted the sunflower heart feeder and pizza tray with the live stream camera. The bullfinches come on this feeder most and I like to give a close up eye-level view of them visiting!

The Nature’s Feast Feeder pole was then screwed onto the back of the planter, using clips to hold it into place. Here I could hang a selection of feeders. 

I moved the water dish that I had had further down the patio and incorporated that into one of the sections, with some moss and twigs to make it look good and so it is a suitable platform from which to photograph the birds.

I was really pleased with the final effect. It did not take long for the birds to come down and start using it…..


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