Catching up time……

I must admit, I had not realised that I had not blogged on here for almost a month…. I have blogged on my WildLearning Blog for school ( and done lots of tweeting as usual, so hopefully many of my followers will be aware of all the exciting projects I have been involved in in the last few months. 

Possibly the most exciting projects have been those at the new site I am managing at Yew View. I have been working, along with Hugh at iCodes and David and Dj, the owners of the site, we have been installing lots of cameras at the site. I have also been doing lots of work with the Bushnell NatureViews and capturing some amazing footage.  My most favourite has been the project I have been doing with the resident kingfisher…..

We are also finding out lots about the resident badgers and that they are using an artificial sett that was put in about 6 years ago!

There are lots of amazing things we are going to be doing at this site in 2015, so you will be hearing a lot more about it! You can follow the progress and new videos on the website