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Catching up time……

I must admit, I had not realised that I had not blogged on here for almost a month…. I have blogged on my WildLearning Blog for school ( and done lots of tweeting as usual, so hopefully many of my followers will be aware of all the exciting projects I have been involved in in the last few months. 

Possibly the most exciting projects have been those at the new site I am managing at Yew View. I have been working, along with Hugh at iCodes and David and Dj, the owners of the site, we have been installing lots of cameras at the site. I have also been doing lots of work with the Bushnell NatureViews and capturing some amazing footage.  My most favourite has been the project I have been doing with the resident kingfisher…..

We are also finding out lots about the resident badgers and that they are using an artificial sett that was put in about 6 years ago!

There are lots of amazing things we are going to be doing at this site in 2015, so you will be hearing a lot more about it! You can follow the progress and new videos on the website I built for the site:

I have also been heavily involved in projects not only at the school I teach at 2 days a week, but also at a number of other schools I have been involved in.  You can find out more at

My Bird ID Scheme is going from strength to strength and I will be looking for a sponsor to take this further in 2015. We now have over 300 pupils at Michael Drayton who can recognise 6 common birds and I aim to have all staff and pupils at Level 1 by the end of 2015!


Combined with writing, my own projects in the WildlifeKate patch and consultancy work for other companies, the last few months have been a bit of a blur!

I am privileged to be involved with so many wonderful wildlife projects and work….. and I love sharing it all with my followers! Hopefully I will have a little more time to update my blog as new things come online in 2015!

One of my most favourite recent projects is that of my Mammal Box HD with the removable sets. This means I can swap in the scenes and this weekend, I put in the festive Christmas sitting room. Last night I had some visitors and got some great stills and videos!

Christmas mouse1_00003

Christmas Vole1_00004

Christmas Vole1_00002

I took a couple of the videos from last night and combined them with a little festive music……

If I don’t manage another post before Christmas, I wish you all a great festive period and a wonderful new year! Here’s to an exciting wildlife filled 2015! :o)


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