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Capturing life on the moors… with a Bushnell trail cam!

Last year, I was invited to judge a photography competition run by ‘Moors for the Future’.

Since 2003, Moors for the Future have been working to reverse more than 200 years of damage that left large areas of these uplands bare of vegetation.

Individual land owners and managers in the Peak District realised that the problem of moorland erosion could not be tackled by one organisation alone and in February 2003 the Moors for the Future Partnership was formed.

You can find out more about the Moors Project on their website HERE

I was then approached for some advice regarding use of trail cams to monitor the wildlife at some environmental monitoring sites up on the moors. Suggesting some models and organising the purchase of these, I was delighted when Joe Margetts, Community Science Project Communications Officer, started uploading some of their great captures!

I think my favourite clip is this one of a beautiful Red Grouse….

and this one of a Mountain hare….

Then there are always the more unexpected visitors….

You can check out all of their clips so far in this playlist:

It is always wonderful to see the many different ways that Bushnells are used to monitor wildlife, giving a superb way to gain an insight into everyday life on the moors.

I am looking forward to following the trail cam uploads on this exciting project.

Are you using Bushnell trail cams? Have you got some great footage? Contact me at as I would love to share more footage and projects here on my blog.


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