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Capturing a Bushnell Clip of small mammals

The WildlifeKate patch is full of small mammals…. wood mice and bank voles in particular and they provide loads of brilliant live cam action day and night. One feeding station that they have been coming to regularly and in  daylight, as well as at night. It is positioned on top of a hedge… about 2 metres off of the ground. I built a platform and then wired up a camera as I could attract a range of bird species here. This last week a number of bank voles have been visiting in the day… several adults and a number of youngsters.

I was keen to see if I could capture some HD footage with my Bushnell HD Max trailcam and the close-up kit I have developed. One of the lenses allows you to set the trailcam just 25cm from the subject. I spent a couple of days trying to capture them visiting a bowl that I usually put the food in. Although I got some nice captures, it was difficult to get the voles exactly where I wanted them. With the close-up kit on, there is a relatively small ‘window’ where the best focus and positioning is and you need to experiment with that to maximise success.

Today, I decided to create a feeding platform that encourage the voles into a specific place…. a drilled hole in a piece of bark. I packed the hole with food and positioned the Bushnell so the perfect focus would be n the food. There are a couple of cm either side in focus as well, as you can see by this clip. It took a couple of hours for the voles to pluck up courage and out of lots of clips… this one was the best. 

Make sure you play the video on the HD setting!

If you are interested in my close-up kit, more about it can be found on my website HERE and it is available for sale in my shop at 


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