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Busy weekend in the garden!

I ‘forced’ myself away from the PC and into my garden this weekend. With the weather so lovely, it was so good to be outside and engaged in some garden projects. I absolutely love being in my garden and it gives me so much pleasure.

My green house is now up and glazed (well polycarbonate sheets actually) but it does the job and I have planted lots of bits and pieces in there.

The pond has gone into foliage explosion, with the Yellow Flag already in bud and the pond full of frogs, tadpoles and dancing newts! A lot of courting still going on with the males flashing their orange under bellies at the more drab females. The ferns around the pond are just beautiful, fronds uncurling and expanding. I am very much a foliage person… I love ferns and hostas in particular and have planted lots of these in and around the pond and patio area. Morrisons have been brilliant this year and have had some lovely species of ferns for under £2, so I have bought a few of these which will mature over the coming months and fill the blank soils areas.

Today’s project was to build a small raised bed outside my new greenhouse so I can just grow a few bits and bobs… some peas, beans, salad etc. I had some bits of wood left over from when the treehouse was dismantled, so from this, we created an L-shaped bed to fit in the gap I had. I emptied my compost bin, which must have been composting for about 5 years….. how satisfying to use the beautiful, rich compost that I had created, in my new raised bed! I was amazed at the quantity and quality of it. I should get some great crops out of that!

I was delighted with the finished product and planted a few french beans up the trellis that we had put in at the back of the bed. I will be bringing you more photos as this part of the garden progresses.

This photos are a mixture of images from this weekend… and the stages of raised bed construction….

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