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Busy week

I can’t believe a nother week has gone past… time is flying at the moment and there is lots of nest box activity. I have found it hard to keep as regular a blog as I would like to of all that is happening in the nest boxes, but I am updating the photos of the side nest box and the Plum tree nest box every few days on my main website, so take a look if you have the chance. It is amazing to see the difference on the chicks over just a few days, especially when the photos are all together. I am also starting to do some more blog posts on Simon King’s website now, so some of the blogs here may be a little brief and will direct you to the Wildlife Whisperer blog or my website for more details…. it is difficult to keep all of them going… and unnecessary, I feel.

The side view nest box daily images can be seen here

and the plum tree nest box images can be  seen here:

I also had the eggs in the oak tree nest box hatch on Thursday. This was the nest that was raided by the house sparrows. The female returned about a week later and laid another 7 eggs. The picture is not particularly good in this nest box though, so I have concentrated on the other two boxes for images.

The foxes, hedgehogs and mice have been visiting regularly, every evening and I have been keeping a keen eye out for my first view of Fern’s cubs. Maybe towards the end of this month. Not a lot of interest in the kestrel nest boxes after all the excitement early in the season… so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for next year and I think Jackdaws are in the tawny box. Difficult to tell though as you can’t see them until they pop in or out.

I am aiming to get some pictures of the adults coming in and out the nest boxes this weekend, so keep an eye out on my website, or subscribe to my twitter feed (katemacrae). I regularly tweet about what is going on and it is a good way of keeping up to date with events.


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