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Bushnells set up at Woodcock location

I returned to the location where I caught some still of woodcock on the Bushnell and set both of them up again.  I set the HD Bushnell up on a tree facing a path and open area… this is where the woodcock was captured last time and there was evidence of areas dug up… possibly badger. I am hoping to capture some daytime footage as well as it is in daylight that you can see the clarity of this new Bushnell.

I really want to know if anything is looking in my barn owl box, but it is in a really difficult place to monitor as the tree is forward of those surrounding it, so difficult to get the Bushnell to pick up movement from the front. In the end, I mounted it on a post and positioned it facing upwards. It is very hard to tell if it is pointing exactly in the right position…. just guess work really….. fingers crossed it will pick up any movement of  a bird flying into the box.

I will nip up and collect them on Sunday and see if we have caught anything.

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