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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Daylight Badger!

At lunch tme, I quickly nipped up to Badger Bank to retrive the three Bushnells I had set up there. I am still working through the footage, but one clip caught my eye straight away…. on in daylight and on the HD trophy cam! I had positioned this on a tree near the sett entrance. This Bushnell has black IR, so does not disturb the badgers in any way…. proven by their natural behaviour around the sett.

I quickly uploaded it and it was fantastic to get my first daylight view of one of the residents of this sett. I know it is only short, but I always get a buzz when I achieve something I have not had before. I captured a lot of footage from this angle… all night-time footage and I will be uploading it all in the next few days… I got 6 badgers in one clip!

The new Bushnell XLT with audio captured some good clips too, so I will be compiling a couple of new YouTube clips of this footage very soon.

Until then, enjoy my first daylight badger clip…..


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