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Bushnell set up near trail

I took my Bushnell out today, to set it up where I managed to get shots of a woodcock last time. I found a small track that indicated the common passing of something…. in from an adjacent field, across a little brook and then up a long grass path.

The Bushnell is designed to be strapped onto a tree…. but what if there are no trees around? I have been trying to think of a way of mounting it, when a friend suggested a bit of kit he used to use when he went fishing… a bank pole. He ordered me one and then bought an adaptor for the top so it would screw into the tripod screw on the underside of the Bushnell. It is perfect! Thanks Martin!!

It consists of a metal rod, that can be extended to about a metre.  At the top is a ratchet that allows you to tilt the top section to the desired angle….

With the adaptor on the top, I am able to screw the Bushenll into the top of the bank rod, meaning I can push it into the ground wherever I want it.

 I found a small track that seemed to suggest a regular pathway of some animal… probably a fox, so I set it up opposite that….

I wrapped a lot of grass around the base, to try to camouflage it a little and set the Bushnell on a 45 second video recording per trigger. I have been having quite a lot of false alarms so this time I have set the sensitivity on ‘low’ rather than ‘medium’ to see if that improves it.

As I am away at the Outdoor Show most of next week, I will leave this camera until next weekend… and we’ll see what I have picked up. I could see a couple of other tracks around… some seem to be close to areas where the soil had benn dug up… may be badgers? We’ll have to wait and see. Watch this in a week or so and I will post the results.


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