Bushnell set up in neighbour’s field

This week, I set the Bushnell up in a neighbour’s field, near a gate that I thought might  offer a route for wildlife passing through. I am nervous about putting the Bushnell anywhere where someone might see it and steal it! I really want to set it up in the , bridle path as I am sure that foxes, and possibly badgers pass through occasionally, but people walk it too and I just don’t want to risk losing this camera!

I mounted it on a fence post, quite close to the ground and set it to take 2 photos each trigger.

When I retrieved it, two days later, I was excited to see it had triggered over 50 times! Sadly, many of the  triggers seem to have been false alarms, or mice moving through the leaves… got a few blackbirds and then an exciting one …..

Ok….. not a tiger… just ‘Dash’… next door’s cat!

Oh well….. I’ll find somewhere new to put it over the weekend.

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