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Bushnell Rats!

At the weekend, I set my Bushnell up in my neighbour’s shed, where he stores all his hen food etc. Something is digging holes in there, and eating hen food and eggs. We suspected rats, but thought it would be good to set the Bushnell up there over night, just to confirm it.

Didn’t have any success the first night as the batteries ran out…. but armed with newly charged ones, I set it up once again. When I retrieved it this morning, I was pleased to see that it had triggered quite a few times.

This is the daylight image the camera caught:

Then, my first few shots were of a dunnock, happily hopping around and picking up the remnants of food I expect….

Then I caught some images of the culprit! The IR is way too powerful, so a lot of ‘burn out’ so I have cropped the image to get rid of the brightest area.

I have set the Bushnell up at another neighbour’s tonight and I will collect it on Saturday!


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