Bushnell Ladle Feeder

II have been experimenting with a range of different ways to simply set up a Bushnell camera to capture footage of feeding birds. When I saw this 99p Ladle in Lidl, I thought it would be perfect! Creating a simple wooden board back, I screwed a small block of wood on which to mount the ladle on, to ensure the focal distance was correct.(In this case, I used a 25cm close-up lens on a Bushnell Live View 110740) I then screwed the ladle in place. Experimenting with the camera angle, using the live view screen, I set a spacer on the back board to angle the camera perfectly.

It was simply a matter of placing some food in the ladle and waiting for the first visitors….

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I left it for a few hours and then collected the SD card. Considering that it has been a pretty dull day, I was pleased with the images. I set the camera on a 3 photo capture per trigger.

I will take this simple set up to Yew View tomorrow to try it on the Reed Buntings!

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