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Bushnell Equinox Fun!

This week, I had a chance to have another good trial with the Bushnell Equinox Night Vision (see my post form last week). This is a new piece of night-vision kit from Bushnell, with a record facility, which I love! A friend, Dave Harper, who is also very keen on night vision came over and we headed out across the fields; he with his home-made kit and me with the Bushnell!

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 22.30.33

The only difference this time, was that I borrowed a 5′ AV monitor from Dave that runs off of a 12v mini battery pack. The Equinox has a ‘TV out’ connector that allows you to run an external screen and this makes the kit much easier to use in the field for recording video. I will be writing more about this in my full review. It was a bit fiddly to hold the screen, but with the Equinox mounted on a tripod, we were soon scanning the darkness for life. Dave is going to make me a small mount that will fit on the Equinox and hold this screen. He also has some film that can go over the screen to lessen the brightness of it.


I was not expecting to see anything amazing regarding wildlife, but I wanted to see how far I could see with this kit and play around with the zoom facility. The model I have is the 6×50, so you already have 6x magnification when you look through the lens. It also has a 3x magnification that you can initiate in 0.1 increments by pressing the button on the top.  

There were an awful lot of rabbits around and they gave me plenty of opportunity to try out the zoom facility to show what a difference it makes. You lose clarity, of course, as it zooms, but I think you still get a pretty good image….

As we walked on further, Dave’s red spotlight caught some eyes in the far distance. I quickly put the tripod down and scanned the darkness with the Equinox. This red deer stag was about 100m away, but it was easy to locate it and I managed a quick clip before it disappeared into the darkness. I had not expected to see any deer in this area, so that was a bonus! It has rather strange single-pronged antler, which made it look rather like some kind of gazelle!

I love this piece of kit and I aim to be writing my full review in the next few weeks. I will also be selling it in my shop and will confirm the prices very soon.


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