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Bushnell Clips from Badger Hollow

I went and collected the Bushnells this afternoon. One had slipped around in the loose sand, and was no longer facing the entrance sadly. When I got home, I was really excited to see about 60 clips on each card….. I was sure  was going to capture some excellent footage….. sadly not! The long grass and the breezy weather had meant that the cam had triggered on that rather a lot of times. I was really surprised to find no footage of badgers at all. I am sure they are there, but the numerous entrances could mean that my scent has made them use an alternative exit. I will set them up again and try tomorrow. That is not to say I did not capture anything. I managed to get a couple of nice fox clips… one rather injured, mangy one and a fit looking one, as well as quite a lot of rabbit clips….

I did not have the chance to get back tonight, so have set the Bushnells up at the fox den and the hedgehog compost heap….


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