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Bushnell Captures Fox, Badger & Corvids

I set the Bushnell up in the field near my office again on Saturday evening. I put it on the bank pole and set it about 5 metres into the field, facing the track that I can see has been made by various animals passing. I sprinkled some peanuts and raisins, hoping that, if the badger made an appearance, he might stop for a snack!

I collected it again on Sunday morning and was pleased to see quite a lot of triggers. On looking through them, there were quite a lot of my foxes, who obviously travel all around this area. I had captured what I had hoped though…. a front view on the badger! He can see the Bushnell sticking up out of the ground and does stop to look at it. I get a good view of ‘him’… only seems to be one and I often only get one bit of footage, so I think he comes through this way, but goes back to the sett a different way. I now need to set the Bushnell up in different spots to try to locate the sett.

As it got lighter the corvids discovered the peanuts and I got some great shots of magpies, jackdaws and rooks making the most of the free breakfast. The sound on this new Bushnell is pretty good and you can hear my kestrel on one clip!

Here are some highlights of the footage…..


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