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Bushnell Badger Success

I collected both the Bushnells early this morning and then sat with my breakfast, uploading them. There were loads of triggers, but as always, many were false alarms and it always takes a while to work your way through every 30 sec clip…. you can’t miss any out in case that it the one with the perfect piece of footage! I had placed the HD Bushnell quite close to the sett, as with its black IR, I know that it is less likely to spook creatures than the other one, which has a dull red glow when triggered. The other Bushnell, I set up on a well marked trail, but I had positioned it a little low and a lot of the footage was going off the top of the screen.

The Bushnell by the sett came up trumps though…. I was thrilled to find loads of brill clips! I have been playing around with ways of lessening the IR power on this Bushnell as it is very powerful and whites out anything close by. The best solution so far is a rectangle of translucent plastic milk carton over the IR. It seems to diffuse it to about the right level. I was really pleased to see that the sett is pretty active and I hope to get some more footage there over the coming months.

To see photos of the site and the Bushnell video footage, pop over to the Badger Hollow page of my website.

Tonight, I went down there and lay down on my belly in the field, opposite the sett. The grass is really long and the wind was blowing towards me, so I hoped they would not be aware of my presence. After an hour and a half and it becoming so dark, I could no longer actually see the sett, I gave up and came home. I had really hoped to see these guys in the flesh, but for the moment, it looks like I will have to settle for the Bushnell footage…. never mind!


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