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Bullfinch Beauties!

I have been lucky enough to have bullfinches visiting all winter and I was hoping that their daily visits would not stop as we moved into SPring. If anything, they are appearing even more frequently at my feeders and I now have three pairs. Whereas they were extremely wary at the beginning of the winter, they now happily feed whilst I sit in my conservatory, just a few metres away. Whilst working out on the patio today, one pair came down and fed whilst I was outside. They were fully aware that I was there and, as long as I did not move suddenly, they were content to munch away at the sunflower hearts.

I also have a number of feeders right outside my office window, but a metre from my desk. I was delighted this week when the male started to use this feeder as well. At one point, I moved to about 10cm from the glass and almost touched noses with him! What stunning birds they are!

I took a short video with my little Panasonic Lumix, just to show you how close he was….. (must clean those windows!!!)


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