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Build a Wood Mouse Stash!

When you come across a big stash of food and you are a Wood Mouse, then you either eat it all, try to remove it all to a safe place or you hide it so no one else can find it! This delightful clip shows one wood mouse’s attempts to hide the food I put out for the hedgehog!

Using all the bits of bark chippings and leaves in the Prickly Diner HD box, he proceeds to carry them all over to the food, covering itand patting it down! He keeps going until all the debris in the box has been used up and the food is covered. Happy with his clever plan, he leaves the box. Inevitably, it is not long before other wood mice return and simply ‘un-bury’ the food!…. made me smile! :o)

wood mouse covering food_00000
wood mouse covering food_00001
wood mouse covering food_00002
wood mouse covering food_00003

Here is a video clip, showing the whole process… amazingly strong considering what he is moving at times!


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