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Bold Bill

Bill is becoming a regular early visitor now…. arrived today at 7.45pm, when light is still quite good. I have set the camera up on remote in the hedge tonight…. just taken a couple of shots of him visiting there, but don’t know if I’ve got him until I retrieve my camera later. I hope so. The good thing was that he was not particularly worried by the shutter sound.

I managed to get some shots last night of him. He is really growing fast and looking healthy. His coat is becoming more red and he is filling out a little now.

Fern has just appeared in the field. She is looking quite thin now.. stress of those three cubs I expect. I have not seen much of the other two cubs, except on the camera after dark. I have been pretty busy with work these last few weeks though, so haven’t had much time to keep a look out.

Here are a selection of the shots I took yesterday….


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