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Blackcap Family

I was in my bedroom this evening, looking out the window and heard some interesting cheeping. On looking outside, I was thrilled to see a male and female blackcap and four fledglings! I had seen a blackcap earlier in the year, but not a lot since. The fledglings looked pretty young and were all together as if they had not long fledged. This means that they must have nested pretty close. Really good news. They were not in a position that I could photograph them very easily and the light was too low. I will keep a look out tomorrow though and see if I can see them. On looking them up in a brill ‘Garden birds and Wildlife’ book produced by the BTO (I have just joined) it says that  ‘a tangle of bramble and nettles at the edge of a shrubbery or small woodland amkes an ideal spot for a nest’… that is exactly what it is like over the road from my house, near an ancient bridle path. Apparatly they have up to two broods…. so I’ll have to keep my eye out for a nest.  Also saw a male bullfinch in the lane today. Up until this year, I have only seen bullfinches around March when the buds first start coming out.  Hoping to get out with my camera this weekend, so watch out for some new photographs.


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