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Blackbird nest predated

Sadly, last night one of my cats climbed up the short distance to the blackbird on her nest. I reckon she was doing her little alarm call when she heard the cat flap going and my cat climbed up past my  chicken wire defence and I saw her on the live camera! I rushed to the bathroom window and threw a load of water at my cat, but it was too late. Luckily, the female escaped, but her eggs did not fare so well. Her nest was damaged and the eggs broken. I had been very worried about the vulnerability of this chosen nest site. It was only a couple of metres above the path, right above the catflap! I was certain that if she got as far as hatching chicks, the cats would hear her for certain. Hopefully, she will go ahead and build again… in a safer place next time. It is early enough in the season and blackbirds can have 3 or 4 broods. A shame though, as it had been good watching her on the live camera.


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