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Blackbird Nest, Hedgehogs, daylight foxes…. and freezing temperatures still prevail!

Although the sun has been attempting to shine and bring a little warmth to the area, it is still bitterly cold and the biting wind prevents you wanting to spend too long outside. Despite this, I am still getting interest in all of my nest boxes and there have been some tentative attempts to bring some nesting materials in, but just as fast as they come in, they are often removed again!

The bird are hungry and I am still feeding in earnest, whereas I have usually slowed a little by now. I hate to think how much I have spent on bird food this winter! 

Not put off by the freezing temperatures, the frogs have started to spawn in the pond, but I don’t hold out much hope for the frosted spawn on the top of the water this morning. I did spot another blackbird building in earnest and managed to get a camera on her pretty easily as the nest is right next to the trellis near my conservatory. There has not been any action as far as I can see, in the first blackbird nest I spotted. She built this before the really heavy snow. May be she will return… we’ll see. The female has been very busy in the new nest today… in and out all morning and the higher angle gives an excellent view. It is rather dark in there though, so the picture is not very colourful. I did capture some nice stills… I love the way she fans her wings when she paddles with her legs to smooth out and press in the sides of the nest cup…

Cam7 2013-04-04 12-25-25.627

Cam7 2013-04-04 09-19-47.392

Cam7 2013-04-04 09-19-37.952

Cam7 2013-04-04 08-47-08.882

Cam7 2013-04-04 07-31-19.360

Cam7 2013-04-04 07-31-15.411

Here is a clip of her building today….

With the lighter evenings now, I saw my foxes in daylight… just for the first time yesterday and captured some video….

I even managed a quick photo tonight when a dog fox appeared for a quick snack! Photographing it from an upstairs window (in fading light) he looked surprised to see me!

untitled-8147 copy

Probably the most exciting news though, is that a hedgehog has made an appearance! At about 11.15pm last night, it appeared in my new, illuminated Prickly Diner! I was delighted! When it returned tonight, I captured some stills and some video which I will upload later. Really good to see one back and it soon polished off all the mealworms. Hopefully we will see more over the coming weeks. It makes so much difference to be able to see these guys in glorious colour too, as the lights make so much difference. The hedgehogs do not seem to be worried by the lights at all!

Cam4 2013-04-04 21-43-28.915

Cam4 2013-04-04 21-32-29.050

Cam4 2013-04-04 21-31-35.929

Cam4 2013-04-04 21-31-34.374

Cam4 2013-04-04 21-31-33.851

Lots beginning to happen in the WildlifeKate patch now, so keep your eyes peeled on my live cams and my blog and website that will aim to keep you up to date! 

Also added today is a review on a jacket I trialled over the Easter weekend when I was in Wales… a Ridgeline Storm Jacket; I loved it and you can read about it on my Use & review Website by clicking on the picture  below of me posing in it, on a rather attractive stile on the Welsh cliffs!

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