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Blackbird nest box set up

This weekend, I set up the blackbird nest box up that I bought from Riverside Woodcraft. Once again, a really nicely made, study box that should attract the likes of blackbirds or robins. I wanted to set it up in the garden somewhere where I could potentially get a camera on it if something nest in it and where it was safe from the cats. I also needed it to be somewhere where there was quite a lot of ivy cover.

After trying it in a variety of spots, I settled on an ivy clad tree about half way up the garden. I know robins nested in a tree quite close to this last year, so feel it has potential. There is also a lot of ivy growing up the tree and I was able to pull some in front and around the edges of the box. In the spring, as the ivy starts growing again, I will try to train some more around the box to offer over and seclusion. The box is facing out of the garden over the lane and I am hoping that putting it up now, it will ‘settle’ in over the winter and something will be attracted to it in the spring.


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