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Blackbird nest

I have been watching a female blackbird going into the holly hedge near the houe for the last week or so. I peeped up today and she was in there, so I decided to move the camera that was in the oak tree nest box as nothing will come in that box now. The Gardenature nestbox is brilliant as the camera is on a little sliding drawer, so very easy to remove. I then unthreaded the wire all back through the blackthorn and holly. I attached a piece of wire through the holes in the backplate of the camera and prepared it to be afixed in the hedge. I estimated the focus and set the camera. Once I had checked the female was not in there, it took me just a few minutes to get the camera fixed onto a branch just above the nest. I got absolutely scratched to pieces in the hedge but it was worth it. I am not sure she has finished the nest yet and there are no eggs. I just hope she returns soon and does in fact continue to raise a brood there. Here is a screen shot of the nest.


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