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‘Birdsy’ Cam Night Mammal Excitement

I am absolutely loving working with the Birdsy team, as they further develop this exciting technology, ready for launch. For those followers who have not seen my previous tweets or blog about Birdsy, this video I produced sums up what it is all about. Due to launch this Spring, if you are interested, please sign up at the Birdsy website to receive information as soon as we announce the launch date!

Although it is primarily designed to monitor bird feeding stations, recording clips of and identifying the bird species visiting, it is some of the other captures it has recorded that have got me most excited! I have now set up a number of feeding stations at several different and exciting locations and I log onto these cameras every day to check on how the camera is performing and to look at the footage.

What has been most exciting for me, has been the recordings at night. These special clips have given us an insight into the less seen wildlife that visits our homes and we have captured some cracking clips!

The feeding platform at Ballintean Mountain Lodge, in the Highlands of Scotland has recorded both pine marten and badgers visiting!

The platform up at Hillockhead on The Black Isle, Scotland has also attracted a pine marten who has become a regular visitor. Lights now on the set-up have meant colour footage too! You can hear Tim taking photos from the kitchen door on this first clip!

Last week, I set a platform and camera up at Aigas Field Centre. Within a few nights, the first pine marten visited.

Last night, we had two marten there! Watching them interact and feed is just incredible and the footage is giving us clear views of their bibs, which are unique to individals and can be used to ID them. One day, we hope the AI will be trained to ID the individuals, as well as the species…. just mind-blowing!

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What is really special is the platform I set up at Septimo Paraiso in Ecuador. This camera has recorded some amazing clips. These two are the most exciting…. the first is a wooly opposom. We are not sure what species and this has never been recorded on site before!

Then, a few weeks ago, we captured this clip… we are still unsure as to what mammal this is! You can imagine how wonderful it is to be able to film species that we did not even know were around!

Nothing quite as exciting on my cameras here at home!

I feel privileged to be working with the Birdsy team and looking forward to seeing what other exciting creatures it will capture in the coming months!


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