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Bird Feeder Visitors

The tree bird feeder that I set up has proven to be really popular…. the many branches mean that the birds have plenty of places to sit and ‘wait’ for their turn at the feeders. At one point, there were twelve birds on there. I had ten minutes with my camera today and took a few shots of the beautiful goldfinches who are regular visitors; two adults and 4 youngsters. Instead of shooting through the window, I opened the top opener of the window and squeezed my lens out of there…. only about 3 metres from the feeders. The goldfinches were unperturbed! Here are a few shots from today….

…. and then this little guy kept popping up under the trellis…dashing out by my pots, grabbing some fallen seed and then disappearing again. This photo was taken through the window, so a little blurry!


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