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Bill visits on drizzly evening

Bill appeared tonight at 8.30pm. The light was pretty low as it is a dismal evening here, but I am really pleased because he has done this for the last few nights. I have been putting food out lower in the field, so I can photograph and film them. I have to hide it though because of the magpies and jackdaws, so some of the footage has his head hidden as he forages around for it. The focusing is certainly easier on the gorillapod, but it is really hard to see on the screen if you have got it in crisp focus. If he stayed still, I could use the autofocus and then lock that, but I have to manually focus really and I often think I have it right, but when I upload, it is not quite right. Just put this short one on tonight as I can edit and upload in about half an hour. The larger ones take ages.

He didn’t even look up when I opened the window and positioned the camera….. getting used to me being there which is great.  If he keeps coming about this time, I will set my camera up on remote in the hedge and try to get some closer shots of him.

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