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Bill’s Wildlife Pool

Last week, I went to visit my sister and her three children. Her eldest son, Bill, is interested in wildlife and has been keen to build a large wildlife pool. Since they live on a farm, and have access to some serious machinery, this was more possible than it would be for most! Also, in one corner of a field, there is a natural spring which usually flows into a ditch. My brother-in-law and Bill dug out the corner of the field and the since the soil is clay, it soon puddled and began to fill! Bill is thrilled as it is now about a metre and a half deep in the centre… he tested it with his fishing rod! They seeded the edges and they are already starting to grow through.

I took a tub of Yellow Flag from my pond and they have ordered a great selection of native water plants to start the colonisation process. 

I would love to develop an area like this and hopefully I will be taking some photos of the area in the next year and see how it develops. How exciting!


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