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Big Green Fair in Lichfield

This year, I was asked if I would do a couple of talks and run a workshop for children at The Big Green Fair in Lichfield, to be held at the Guildhall. These were lots of activities and stalls and I was happy to support this event. 

Big Green fair

I had a space, where I set up some information about nest box cameras, Bushnell trail cams and some of the bits and pieces from my ‘patch’. I also had a couple of barn owl pellets out for dissection which attracted quite a lot of interest! I did a couple of talks which seemed to be well received where I showed some of the most recent footage from my patch and answered questions.


I made bird food garlands with lots of kids too and asked for donations for Joan at West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated….





Lots of people came through on the day and I spoke to lots of interested people about how they can attract and support the wildlife in their patch!


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