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Big Garden Birdwatch Day 2

I was glad I had chosen to photograph my birds yesterday as the weather here today has been awful. With driving rain and cold temperatures, the birds were still hungry though and most species were out early snapping up the food on offer. 

Today, I watched my cams for an hour between 11-12pm and made a note of all the different species I saw in that hour in these two feeding areas. I captured some screen shots that showed these different species. In the hour, 14 different species visited and I was pleased that both the female bullfinch and the male blackcap made an appearance. The male bullfinch appeared later on the patio feeders.

Here are some screen shots showing these 14 species….

Throughout the weekend, I had done numerous bird counts and then I chose the one that best represents the visitors. My final count to submit to the RSPB was:

Greenfinch (6) Goldfinch (6) Bullfinch (1) Chaffinch (2) Blue tit (10) Great tit (5) Coal tit (3) Long tailed tit (6) Great spotted woodpecker (2) Nuthatch (2) Dunnock (4) Blackbird (5) Blackcap (2) Wren (1) Robin (3) Wood pigeon (1) Jackdaw (2) Crow (2) Magpie (2)

It was a shame I could not get my Barn Owl in there too!

I have built a page on my website about my Big Garden Birdwatch weekend. You can view it HERE.

I now have my Big School Birdwatch to look forward to now! That will be the week beginning 3rd February. Schools can do their counts any time up until 14th February.  We will be doing lots of exciting watching and activities that week in school!


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