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Big Garden Birdwatch 2011

I took an hour this afternoon to sit down in the conservatory and log the birds visiting for the RSPB Garden Birdwatch 2011. I was aiming to photograph all the visitors I saw, but it has been such a dull day here, the light was very poor and I only managed a few shots, sadly. I’m glad to say that all the most frequent visitors appeared as usual and I was particularly pleased when a little flock of 4 long tailed tits flitted around and came and fed on the feeder. Also, this will be the first year I have ever been able to record Bullfinches! They now visit every day – two males and a female most commonly, but last weekend I saw two females and 3 males.

The species I noted were:

  1. Robin x 4

  2. Dunnock x 3

  3. Bullfinch x 3 (two males and a female)

  4. Blackbird x 3 (two males and a female)

  5. Goldfinch x 5

  6. Great tit x 3

  7. Blue tit x 4

  8. Coal tit x 2

  9. Long tailed tit x 4

  10. Wood pigeon x 2

  11. Magpie

  12. Wren

  13. Nuthatch

  14. Jackdaw x 8 (in oak tree at end of garden)

  15. Chaffinch x 3

  16. Greenfinch x 2

Here are a few shots from today, shame I couldn’t get more, but I had the camera on ISO 800 and was only getting 1/60sec….

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