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Beavers in Maryland

This morning, Ed and I headed back to a special site that we had visited when I first arrived. A local tree nursery had some beavers on their land and had kindly allowed me to place some Bushnell cameras there.

In just 8 months, these beavers had completely transformed the landscape, from a small creek and land that had been used to grow crops on, to a wetland. The landscape and what had been created by these mammals was just mind blowing!

By damming a small creek and then building a long dam, that snaked some 30 metres , a huge lake had formed, along with pools around the sides and the water level had been raised metres in height.

The lodge was clearly visible and these beavers had been very busy!

I set two trail cameras; one on a tree opposite the lodge, overlooking the water and another a little further up, facing the edge of the dam. I only had a small window of opportunity, so had to set them knowing very little about activity and only having them there for a few nights.

I was delighted to have captured a small amount of footage, showing them making their way around this area. A couple of other creatures also turned up!

I would love to have had more time at this site as it is incredible. The farmers have been surprisingly understanding, allowing them to continue with their building, but fencing one side, to prevent them getting up into the plant nursery. The place was heaving with birds, amphibians, insects and plants that simply would not have been there if it were not for the beavers. They are truly nature’s architects!


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