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Beaumont House Bushnell Captures

On Sunday, I travelled down to Windsor,  to meet with Darin Stephens, (USA Product Line Manager for the Trophy cams), Ghislain Mautin (Sales & marketing Director)and Barry Grubb (UK Key Manager). Along with a number of other wildlife enthusiasts, we had been invited to this meeting with Bushnell on the Monday, to enable  them understand how wildlife enthusiasts are using the trophy cams within the UK. The trophy cams were designed in the USA for the hunting market and we, in the UK are using them very much for watching and recording wildlife. Bushnell wanted to hear more about how we are using them and with what success.

The hotel had large grounds, so I took my trophy cams along and spent a while looking around for some suitable places to place them. There were large lawn areas where I saw lots of green woodpeckers and jays and the squawking of parakeets punctuated the air. I felt my best chance was in a strip of woodland  that ran around the edge of the grounds, so I set the cams up there both on the Sunday and the Monday night. It is always hard going to a place ‘cold’ and there was very little evidence of the creatures that might be there. I was, therefore, thrilled to make several captures of Muntjac in this area….


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