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Beattie and Belinda

Just a quick blog post to introduce the two latest members of my family… tow new hens to join my flock! We hatched and raised some chickens at school and these are two of them. They are really tame as they have been handled by the kids every day and they are quite little characters!

They are both Bantams; not sure what Belinda is, but Beattie is a ‘Frizzle’ which means they have been bred to have feathers that curl outwards… she looks like she has been through the tumble drier and is a lovely friendly little thing!

They have been accepted happily by my other girls; Betty, Brenda and Beryl and my one-eyed cockerel, ‘Pop-eye’! I have a funny old mixed bunch now, but love having hens in the garden and these two are going to be a great addition!


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