Bearded Seal and Spectacular Sea Cliffs

Shetland has a wonderful social media network and this means that whenever something of interest appears on its shores or islands, there is a place to post the sighting, meaning that there is a good chance for others to also share all the rarities that pass.

About 6 weeks ago, a very special visitor appeared and chose to haul up in the busiest post on the island; Lerwick Harbour. It was thought that, initially, she was looking to find shelter after a pod of orca were patrolling nearby. She obviously liked the spot and has been visiting regularly ever since.

Bearded seals are usually found in the arctic regions and no one really knows how she ended up here. Bearded seals have visited Shetland shores in the past and it is thought, as soon as she has finished her moult, she will head North.

I have seen many images of her on social media and really hoped she would still be here when I returned to Shetland. Our guests were also hopeful that they would be see her. When we got a message that she had appeared on the slipway, we headed straight to Lerwick. It’s not every day you get to see such a creature!

I was not disappointed! Sitting on a slipway below a busy walkway, she looked pretty relaxed. She has become a Shetland celebrity and seems oblivious of the local interest she has generated!

She really is beautiful and those whiskers are truly stunning! It was difficult to tear ourselves away from her!