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BBC Midlands Today film for Big School Birdwatch!

It was an exciting day in school for the pupils on Tuesday as we had BBC Midlands Today coming to film the work they had been doing feeding and filming wildlife in the school grounds.

You may have seen my other blog posts about the feeding platform we had made and how we have been using the Bushnell to film the visitors.

We were also showcasing our Big School Birdwatch 2019 (see my blog post from last week)

We welcomed David Gregory Kumar, the BBC Science, Environment & Rural Affairs Correspondent and the children were keen to show him our feeding stations and tell him all about the wildlife we had been seeing and filming.


We all did some bird watching from our outdoor classroom and from our bird hide. We saw quite a few species to add to our lists from last week.

Next a small group of children showed the team our feeding platform made out of some old PE equipment and explained how we have been putting food out and filming lots of different wildlife…


David then finished off by doing a piece to camera next to our feeding station, which we are also monitoring with a trail camera.

The end result can be seen below. A big well done to all the pupils who took part and represented our school so admirably! I love their genuine enthusiasm… if even they think we may have seen a blue jay (we did talk about the blue feathers on its wings) .

This digital short is also available to see below. It would not embed, so you’ll have to click on the image below, to view it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 22.00.39

A big thank you to Midlands Today for taking the time to come out and film!


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