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Bat Boxes go up

I finally got around to mounting my two bat boxes this weekend, I had ‘acquired’ these from a friend’s husband who found them in a skip on the building site he was working on. They had thought they were nest boxes and there was, in fact what I think is, a blue tit nest in the smaller one. The entrance hole is pretty small though.

I mounted one on the tree directly opposite my sitting room window. The house is built on a bank, so pretty high up. I have an excellent view of this nest box from the window, so if a blue tit does nest in it again, I will be able to photograph it. Also, I am hoping that with night vision binoculars, I will be able to see if any bats use it. I also have a bat detector so will be able to hear if they are out and about near it.

The pipestrelles are out and they patrol up and down the lane and the bridle path, so the two trees I have chosen are within the paths they commonly use. They both have nice clear flight paths and are shaded so will not get hot during the day.

I will watch them over the next few months and let you know if I think we have any takers!

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