Badgers still stealing the show at Yew View!

After their cameo appearance on this year’s Autumnwatch, the Yew View badgers are still active on site and I have capture lots of footage of their comings and goings over the last few weeks. We now have  3 satellite setts being used; the original sett with cameras outside, our camera badger sett and the new sett dug up on the banks of the Severn. There are different individuals in each area as far as I can see.

The camera at the original sett shows that the individual with the wounds on its back is still staying there. Several clips show it sleeping outside the sett entrance but regularly moving around the area, sometimes being greeted by an individual that seems to be coming from the main sett in the woodland, some 1/2 mile away

The new sett dug up on the banks of the Severn has just one entrance and I set the trail camera there. I captured lots of good clips of them coming and going from this area. There are 3 individuals using this; a female and her 2 cubs from this year I think.

Unusually, I also captured this daytime clip. It is not common to see them out in daylight at this time of the year. I have no idea where this badger would be heading as the other sett sites are some distance away and would involve going up the lawn areas of the garden; highly unlikely in daylight. I am intrigued as to why this badger would leave the sett at this late hour….

I also had a nice pheasant clip this week at this location…

One individual has  been seeing in the camera sett this week as well. Lots of the normal scratching and grooming has provided me with some lovely clips. I am hoping some others will choose to use this sett over the winter as well.

I think it was this badger that has also discovered our small mammal box and worked out how to get the two rocks on top off, so he can raid the contents. Annoying as it is, it did give some rather lovely close-up footage! I think this individual should be known as ‘Hoover’…. just look at the way he sucks up all the goodies on offer here!