Badger road kill…… I don’t think so…..

It is always sad to see road kill. Whether it be small mammals, such as the common sight of rabbits killed on our roads, or maybe birds such a pheasant, it is never pleasant. A few weeks ago a fox was killed on the main road not far from my home. As I had driven past, I had hoped that is was not one of the clan that regularly visit my feeding station each night.

On the way to Tamworth this morning, we drove past not one badger on the grass verge… but two. I was dismayed that two deaths had happened so close together and thought how strange it was that both would be killed on the same stretch of road and so close together. I carried on my journey, but the more I thought about it, the more suspicious it seemed. I decided that, on my way back, I would stop and look at them; try to see if I could tell if they had been killed by a car.

It was a dismal morning and drizzling quite heavily. I did not have my camera with me, but took my phone. I walked along the verge toward the first badger. Immediately, I could tell it had not been hit by a car. It had, what appeared to me, to be a bullet wound in its head. Blood had run out of its nose onto the damp grass on which it laid. The blood was still relatively fresh and the body was not yet hard. This badger had not been dead for long. I felt sick and my hands shook as I took a photo with my phone.