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Badger Pamper Session in the Yew View sett!

The badgers at Yew View are gradually spending more and more time in the camera sett. We are capturing some really lovely footage inside the chambers and the new microphone is picking up all the lovely vocalisations!

We are regularly getting three individuals here… a male and two females. This week, a fourth individual appeared as well! This is the first time we have had 4 badgers in one chamber.

These individuals are usually spending two sessions in the chambers…. a snooze around 10pm for a few hours, after which they go out foraging. They then often reappear in the early hours and spend many hours sleeping, scratching , grooming and interacting. It is just fascinating to watch!

I lifted a couple of sequences this week of some of the activity in the sett…

Every week, there seems to be to least one night where they sleep in and wake up suddenly, realising that it is actually light outside. They have not yet spent the day within these chambers so they then make a mad dash for the main sett, often in daylight. These clips capture this individual who went back to the sett on site, then decided to leave again, passing the second camera as well.

There is lots of badger action on site and I’m looking forward to trying to get some photos of these individuals out in daylight soon with my DSLR camera trap……


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