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Badger Excitement!!

I was sitting at my desk working last night, when a movement on one of the cameras caught my eye… I was amazed to see a BADGER right in the centre of the screen at my fox feeding station! Thrilled, I watched, entranced as he munched his way  through the dog biscuits I put out. The views were fantastic as he was quite settled and came up very close to the camera. I last caught sight of a badger here a few years ago and have captured the occasional ones on my Bushnells so I know they occasionally forage around here. I am delighted for him/her to visit my feeding station. 

I captured a lot of screen shots from last night…

When the fox appeared, he was not impressed, but they soon settled down and were soon sharing the food and feeding side by side!…..

I managed to capture some video clips as well…

Tonight, the badger appeared again at about 8.40pm and stayed for over half an hour! I hope he is going to become a regular! It is probably a male as the young males are evicted from the sett at around this time of year. Keep an eye out on my live night cameras and you may spot him.


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