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Badger duo, Otters, Jay and Roe deer…

The rest of the wildlife at Yew View this week has been somewhat eclipsed by arrival of the Tawny owlets! After many hours of going through all the footage of them, I managed to look through a couple of the other cameras, to see what had been happening there as well.

We have had limited usage of the badger sett over the winter, but this week we have had two visit, sometimes spending quite a long period of time in there at night.

It is always great to see more than one badger in the sett, as they are such social creatures and they love to groom each other, firming up family bonds…

It is always a good sign when they start to bring in nesting material. We often see footage of them above ground, pulling grass and foliage down sett entrances… it is lovely to see what they then do with it underground!

The wired camera showed that the otter returned to the ornamental fish pond twice this week. He has taken just about all the big fish and is now working his way through the smaller ones. We are hoping he will move on before taking them all!

Sadly, no kingfisher this week, after the appearance of the male last week. This Jay was a lovely sight though…

… and this sighting was a bonus! This is the first time I have recorded Roe deer at Yew View, so pretty exciting!


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