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AutumnWatch Unsprung!

I was delighted to be contacted in the week by the producer of Autumnwatch Unsprung.  I was asked if my footage of the vole, mouse and shrew fighting in my Clay Cavern could be shown on the programme. I told Gavin, the producer, all about the set up and what I do here. He explained that they would put the clip on the schedule to be shown, but due to the unpredictable nature of Unsprung, it could not be guaranteed. As you can imagine, I watched the show… and waited… and waited! At the end of the show, they got onto the viewer’s videos and I was delighted to see my clip shown.

Here it is on the screen, with the team!…..

If you missed the programme, it can be seen at and my ‘bit’ is at about 21 minutes, 12 seconds….

I am hoping to upload the clip onto my website, but I am waiting for permission before I do so. You can read a little more about it on my website HERE.

Thank you to AutumnWatch for showing it… we will have to now keep our fingers crossed that they return to the WildlifeKate patch in the Spring… with lots of ideas for new nest boxes and cams, I am hoping to create the best live streams  so far… watch this space!


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